January 3, 2020

Ascend Wellness Holdings (AWH) Welcomes Thousands of Customers To Illinois Retail Locations on First Days of Legal Cannabis Sales

Collinsville and Springfield Dispensaries serve nearly 3,000 adult-use patrons on historic first day in Illinois

ILLINOIS – Illinois Supply and Provisions (IS&P)- (HCI Alternatives until Jan 27th) – is officially calling the first day of legalized cannabis sales in Illinois and overwhelming success.

Between its two locations in Collinsville and Springfield the vertically integrated operator served 2,990 customers over the course of the day that started at 6 a.m. in central Illinois and ended at 9 p.m. in the metro-east. Long lines that stretched for blocks at both locations began forming on New Year’s Eve and continued well into the early evening hours of January 1st as cannabis enthusiasts embraced the day of celebration.

“We are overwhelmed with the enthusiasm and energy of our first-day customers. Despite the long lines, which we expected, customers were about as respectful and happy as you could want and we share in that celebration with them,” said Ascend Wellness Holdings Founder Abner Kurtin. “We have an incredibly hard-working and knowledgeable team that makes the true difference with our customers,” Added Kurtin.

Over the first two days of sales, IS&P locations were able to see 5,200 customers in large part due to the logistical preparation of company staff. While customers waited in line for hours due to the demand, the average transaction took just under 6 minutes.

“Our ability to see so many people on the first few days is really a testament to the hard work of our staff whose tireless efforts over the last several months really made a huge impact in allowing so many to participate in this historic day,” said AWH Regional Director Kathleen Olivastro.

To better serve customers in a rapidly growing market, IS&P dispensaries are undergoing complete renovations to add more square feet of floor space and point of sale positions as well as doubling its dispensary staff. IS&P plans to open at least two additional, adult-use only, Illinois locations – one in Springfield and one in Fairview Heights – in 2020.

About Ascend Wellness Holdings Ascend Wellness Holdings is a market-leading, vertically-integrated operator with retail and production facilities in Illinois, Ohio, Massachusetts and New Jersey; and strategic partnerships in Michigan. AWH is breaking down traditional walls in the cannabis marketplace to create a unique,