Michigan Supply & Provisions Opens First Of Several Planned Cannabis Dispensaries In The State

MORENCI, Mich., Oct. 14, 2019 -- Michigan Supply & Provisions, a transformative medicinal marijuana dispensary brand providing premium cannabis products, opened the doors to its first dispensary this week at 1096 East Main St. in Morenci, Mich. The store, featuring nearly 1,700 square-feet of customer consultation space, is the first of seven stores slated to open across Michigan by the summer of 2020.

Michigan Supply & Provisions (MS&P) offers its customers a curated selection of cannabis products spanning concentrate, edible, flower, pre-roll, tincture, topical and vape categories. The company is committed to full-body health and wellness delivered in a user-friendly retail environment with effect-based categorization of products and an approachable staff of experts to assist.

"We have developed what we believe is a significantly different approach to the traditional cannabis dispensary model," said Brian Thienel, Regional Director at MS&P. "We want to provide new access, certainly, but we also want to eliminate barriers to understanding for new patients. We offer superior manufacturing, production and retail spaces. However, it is just as important that we remain focused on a patient-centric experience that is as inviting as it is affordable and accessible."

Michigan Supply & Provisions will bring 20 new jobs to the greater Morenci area. The company's plans for growth include adding hundreds of new full and part-time positions across the state during the coming year.

According to Michigan's Marijuana Regulatory Agency Statistical Report, there are 283,770 patients with a medical marijuana card as of June 30, 2019, plus 39,500 caretakers with a card, allowing those individuals to obtain marijuana for designated patients. The state approved recreational cannabis last year and the full timetable for implementation is expected in 2020.

Michigan Supply & Provisions' Morenci store is open Sunday and Monday from 10 a.m. to 8 a.m., and Tuesday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

"Morenci represents a great start for our brand," said Coleman LaBarr, General Manager of MS&P. "We have plans for growth that will provide the access and experience that patients living in Michigan deserve."

For more information about Michigan Supply & Provisions, visit www.michigansandp.com.

About Michigan Supply & Provisions
Michigan Supply & Provisions is a family of dispensaries that share the same ethos and mission: to supply and provide high quality, safe and reliable cannabis products to patients and customers in Michigan. The company seeks to transform the dispensary landscape in Michigan by breaking down walls to stand shoulder to shoulder with our patients so we can meet each customer at their unique place in the cannabis journey.

Miranda Lee
Michigan Supply & Provisions
[email protected]

AWH Launches OZONE Premium Cannabis Products in Michigan and Illinois

Ascend Wellness Holdings is proud to announce the launch of our Ozone brand into the Michigan and Illinois markets. Ozone represents our first branded launch of premium cannabis products targeting the core consumer in each marketplace. Additional brands targeting other newer consumer segments are set for launch in 2020.

Built on a foundation of Integrity, Craft, Experience and Respect, Ozone elevates the entire cannabis experience to its highest potential. Utilizing proprietary genetics and advanced grow methodologies such as growing from seed, cold-curing and hand trimming, Ozone delivers one of a kind cannabis experiences across product categories.

Ascend is excited to offer Ozone to the marketplace initiating our efforts to elevate the cannabis experience across multiple states.

Barry, Illinois Cultivation Gets State Approval for Recreational Use

We are excited to announce that we are among the first cultivators to receive state approval to supply the Illinois recreational cannabis market. Our cultivation facility in Barry, Illinois was awarded one of the first six recreational-use cultivation licenses issued in Illinois.

AWH currently operates two dispensaries under the HCI brand in Springfield and Collinsville. In 2020, AWH will open two additional dispensaries under the Illinois Provisions brand, with one just minutes from St. Louis. The current HCI dispensaries will be converted over to adult-use under the Illinois Provisions brand.