On Thursday, the Cannabis Control Commission awarded MassGrow, our cultivation facility in Athol, Massachusetts, their final license. In doing so, AWH is now authorized to cultivate, harvest and process cannabis in Massachusetts. We will begin growing cannabis in November.

“In working with Ascend, that group undertook a major investment in a property that sat substantially vacant for about three decades,” stated Shaun A. Suhoski Town Manager of Athol. “The community took some pride seeing lights on in the facility at night and knowing that millions of dollars investment were flowing back into the community.”

The first harvest in March will launch Ozone, our premium brand, in Massachusetts. Ozone is built on a foundation of Integrity, Craft, Experience and Respect. Ozone elevates the entire cannabis experience to its highest potential. Ozone has launched in both Illinois and Michigan to critical acclaim and market success.

“This is quite a milestone, ” said CEO of Ascend Mass and MassGrow, Andrea J. Cabral. “MassGrow is a model cultivation facility and we are beyond ready to start producing the finest quality cannabis in the Commonwealth.”

AWH has proudly completed Phase I of MassGrow which marks the launch of this state of the art cannabis facility. Upon completion, MassGrow will have 360,000 sq ft of space with 100,000 sq ft of canopy making it one of the largest cannabis facilities in the Eastern part of the United States. With a lab and delivery hub, MassGrow will house the leading brand partners in the industry all under one roof. We are thrilled to be a part of this momentous cannabis campus.

Let’s grow!