Introduces pill-form cannabis to state in partnership with 1906

CHICAGO – (Feb. 9, 2021) – Ascend Wellness Holdings, LLC (“AWH”), a multi-state cannabis operator, announced today an agreement with leading cannabis brand 1906 for production and distribution of its bestselling family of swallowable pills known as Drops to the Illinois cannabis market. Drops are just one of several new products AWH is bringing to market in 2021 along with its own line of Ozone PrePacks and Live Resin cartridges.

The introduction of Drops means Illinoisans will finally have access to low-dose, rapid-onset cannabis in a non-combustible format.

“We are proud to partner with 1906 to introduce this unique product line to Illinois and elevating the cannabis experience for our customers,” said AWH Founder and Chief Executive Officer Abner Kurtin.

Drops range from 2.5-5mg of THC and 2.5-25mg of CBD per dose, carry no taste or aroma, have zero calories, and are gluten- and allergen-free. Available in six formulations, Drops address the most important and pervasive wellness needs of Illinois residents: sleep, anxiety, focus, energy, mood, and libido.

“We’re thrilled to partner with AWH to bring our targeted, non-smokable cannabis products to one of the fastest growing adult-use markets in the country. Giving consumers more reliable, high-quality options that easily fit their lifestyle is core to our mission of making cannabis accessible to all,” said Peter Barsoom, 1906’s founder and CEO.

AWH is also launching new PrePacks and Live Resin cartridges through its signature Ozone premium product line. PrePacks are high quality glass pipes prepackaged with .3 grams of top-shelf, hand trimmed flower. They are ready to use, resealable, repackable and recyclable.

Additionally, AWH is also introducing Ozone Reserve Live Resin cartridges that capture the essence of whole flower in a vaporized form. Each strain of premium flower is extracted at the right time in sub- zero conditions to ensure the maximum amount of cannabinoids and terpenes are captured.

All three new products are available at dispensaries throughout Illinois including MOCA and Midway dispensaries in Chicago and Ascend dispensaries in Springfield and Collinsville.

About AWH

AWH is a vertically integrated operator with assets and partners in Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Massachusetts and New Jersey. AWH owns and operates state-of-the-art cultivation facilities, growing award winning strains and producing curated selection of products with effect-based categorization. AWH produces and distributes Ozone branded products. For more information, visit

About Ozone

Ozone is the premium cannabis product line of AWH, available in a variety of retail locations throughout Illinois. Ozone products are passionately crafted and Inspired by the rich history of heirloom strains and exotic blends. Available in world-class flower, concentrates and vape form, Ozone is crafted to provide a one of a kind elevated experience for true cannabis enthusiasts. For more information about Ozone visit

About 1906

1906 is a leader in innovative self-care, creating groundbreaking functional formulations combining cannabis and plant medicines. 1906’s lineup delivers six distinctive experiences that promote sleep, energy, arousal, relaxation, cognitive focus, and a happy mood, all in consistently fast-acting formulations using organically-grown, pesticide-free cannabis. User-friendly, portable and thoughtfully engineered, they deliver curated effects within 20 minutes—faster than any other edible on the market. The rapid-onset formulations help users get the most out of their days and nights while staying pleasantly in control. For more information on 1906, please visit


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